I’m currently a researcher in the Department of Genetics at Stanford, where I work with Professor Anshul Kundaje to build computational models to study the regulatory code. More recently, I’ve been building and adapting computational tools to study how plants adapt to changing climates with Professor Moisés Expósito-Alonso at the Carnegie Institute of Science.

I work on a range of problems in genetics and biotechnology. I’ve built computational tools to understanding the non-coding regulatory genome, implemented solutions to advance disease risk and thought up analytical solutions to estimating population divergence. While I enjoy building computational models and scientific explorations, I also love the outdoors, meeting new people and experimenting with recipes!

I also spend my time community organizing with the Sunrise Movement and engage in different projects.

Also, if you’re keen on reading, check out my papers!


McGill University Montreal, Canada

  • B.S in Biochemistry
    International Culinary Centre New York, NY